Monday, September 22, 2014

Leaf Hunting & Piggy Stopping.

We simply adore the school Louis is going to right now.  The teachers and administration are wonderful and I feel like they keep the parents as involved as they can.  We even get an email every week with a recap and some photos of what they did the previous week.  It’s awesome.  As you can imagine, the recap from Louis has a few holes in it.  And if he doesn’t know his classmate’s name, they are usually called “The Other Kid”.  So…the emails are grand.

We got one this weekend that said they were going to be learning about the change in seasons and class was going to be fall themed.  And we were instructed to send 2-3 different types of leaves with Louis to school.  So we went out on a leaf hunt yesterday.


Some of us were in more mischievous moods than others.  I’ll leave you to decide who that could have been.  But today, Louis is taking to school with him leaves from a Sycamore, Dogwood and Paw Paw tree.  I’m interested to see if he remembers what they’re from or not.


Of course.  There were a lot of distractions in the great outdoors, while leaf hunting.  Mostly distractions in the form of Louis’ imagination.  No surprise there.  I’ll leave it up to him to tell you:

That kid has some sweet ninja skills.  I wouldn’t mess with him.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pittsburgh Zoo.

A few weeks back, our friends asked us if we wanted to go to the Pittsburgh Zoo with them and another family.  Yes.  Always.  We love the Pittsburgh Zoo!  We looked forward to this visit for weeks.

The day did not disappoint.  Holy loads of fun, Batman.  We seriously had the best day ever.


The weather couldn’t have been more perfect than it was.  Not too hot, not too cold.  The sun was out at times and then hiding behind the clouds during others.  It made for an easy day of leisurely exploring the zoo and all of it’s animals.


Louis was in high-heaven because he had to little girls to hang out with and play with all day long.  They were super adorable as a trio.  Hand holding, swinging from anything they could swing from, climbing on anything they could climb on…the works.  I don’t think Louis had a single break down the entire day.  Which is surprising, considering I was exhausted so he had to be too.


It’s nice to have the Good Zoo so close to our home, but it’s even nicer that Pittsburgh has a fabulous one only an hour-ish away from us.  It was certainly a treat to go there.  For all of us, really.


Louis said his favorite animals were the sea lions.  I haven’t the slightest idea why, but it’s the single animal he was talking about seeing the entire time we were at the zoo.  He wasn’t going to be satisfied if he didn’t get to see them.  Thankfully they were being super playful and kept coming up to the window he was standing in front of.  So his goal was certainly met.  Woohoo!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Favs on Thursday | Yonanas

My FAVS on Thursdays is a weekly linkup with my girls Nicole and Meghan.  Play along and share with us your favorite thing(s) of the week!

Last year, my sister gifted us a Yonanas blender and, until then, I had never heard of it.  But I wish it had been in our life sooner because it is seriously awesome.  It grinds whatever fruit you put into the chute (most of the time bananas) and creates this perfectly blended and super healthy sorbet.  It’s such a mind trick because you feel like you’re eating ice cream when you’re really just eating a frozen banana.

It sounds silly but it’s true.  This thing is amazing.


Last night, in my true “eat all the pumpkin” form, I decided it was a great time to try and make a pumpkin ice cream with my Yonana maker.  Yum!


The ingredients:
-- 2 frozen bananas
-- 3 frozen pumpkin spice cubes

Put in one banana, the cubes and then your second banana.  Mix it up and BAM!  You have some delicious and super healthy pumpkin ice cream.

To make the spice cubes:
-- 15oz can Pumpkin Puree
-- 1 tsp ground cinnamon
-- 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg

Spoon the pumpkin mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze.  (This part was so nostalgic to me because we used to make all of Louis’ baby food and we would freeze it in these very trays.  Hence why it’s so beat up.)


I really liked it but Bennett and Louis weren’t huge fans.  Bennett said it was a little overpowering of the spices.  I think what it needed was a little extra sweetness…so next round will probably have some agave added into the pumpkin cubes.  I’m not giving up!  It was great and healthy and PUMPKIN.  How could that be anything but a winner?


Easily, this could be made with a standard blender.  I think that the Yonanas just does the blending so perfectly that I love the smoothness of it all.  But honestly, anything would work.  Frozen bananas can be substituted for so many things to make amazing, dairy free, healthy desserts.  Have you made anything with frozen bananas before?

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